allergy testing

Allergy testing -  done by intradermal method, which is done in very few centres in India. 120 injections ( one drop of allergen is injected in the skin ) on the back as shown in pictures below .

Patient has to wait only for 3-4 hours in the hospital, no need of longer stay. Only precaution is patients have to stop Anti allergic medicines [Antihistaminic & Steroids ] 48 hours prior to testing . Patients can take medicines for diabetes , B.P., Asthma etc.

Age for allergy testing is 10 yrs to 90 years .
Indications for ALLERGY TESTING :

(A) Allergic Rhinitis : Patients having recurrent cold attacks, running nose, 
Sneezing . This may be seasonal or throughout the year.

(B)Allergic Bronchitis : Patients having dry cough for more than 3 months.
This may be associated with recurrent sore throat.

(C) Allergic Asthma : Patients have difficulty in breathing with wheeze {sound}.
This can be diagnosed at a very initial stage, otherwise if not properly guided , patients come at a very late stage.

Patients can have combinations of A+B+C


Skin Allergy – Urticaria : Patients having rashes for a period more than 3 months.
Rashes  may appear at a particular part of body or may be all over the body.

Atopic Dermatitis : Eczema / Dermatitis, especially on exposed parts of body .                           
This  increases with the exposure to sun.

Medicine Allergy : Patients having sensitivity to various medicines, may be tablets and / or injections.  Such patients are refused by all doctors , so getting this test done at the earliest is advisable.

Medicine Allergy



Subcutaneous vaccines are given after the allergy testing. Vaccine is a mixture of 2-5 allergens. In 24 years of practice & more than one lakh courses, NO ANAPHYLACTIC REACTION has occurred. This is one of the safest medicines in the world. Vaccine can be taken at a very small, village or Taluka / Tehsil place. Vaccines don’t cost much. Overall treatment is very safe, convenient & cost effective. Most importantly results are very good.


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    • Yashoda chest hospital & allergy clinic is open in all days , except Sunday . From 10 am to 8pm. this makes convenient for out section patients to leave on the same day

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