Asthma , COPD & TB Clinic

Asthma , COPD & TB Clinic:

Computerized  Lung Function Testing – PFT   :

PFT Machine

Lungs are very important organs of our body. In case of Asthma, Allergy & COPD, lung functions [breathing capacity] gets reduced to a small or large extent, depending on the duration & severity of illness. This reduced breathing capacity can be increased to near normal with proper treatment & breathing exercises. Lung function test is very simple & cost effective test.


The word ‘Asthma’ as such fears the patients & family members. It is so with highly educated patients also. But if the disease is diagnosed early, treated properly & with good patient education, even a very young patient can live good life for 30, 40 or 50 more years. Allergy test is important diagnostic tool in most of the patients. It will help for a proper & specific treatment, which will enable the patient to live a very healthy life.
Patients go on changing treatment every 2-3 months, because they are not properly guided. Unnecessary dietary restrictions are being followed. Patient can have lot number of food items & enjoy life in a real sense.

TB Clinic:

Tuberculosis is totally curable disease if diagnosed early & proper treatment is given. Myths & misunderstandings of the treatment have to be explained. Patients feel very well after 1-2 months of treatment & then discontinue. But we at Yashoda Hospital repeatedly educate the patient & see that they take regular & complete course.


Chronic obstructive lung disease is very common disease in the entire world, especially India because of tobacco chewing, smoking, pollution etc. If diagnosed early patient can lead a normal life for years. Most important part is to give patient education to stop tobacco & smoking. This should not be temporary, it had to be forever. We have patients who have stopped tobacco & smoking, may be for past 10, 15 or 20 years, till date. 


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    Aurangabad has good road, rail & air connectivity there are 3 flight from Mumbai &  3 flight from Delhi.

    • Yashoda chest hospital & allergy clinic is open in all days , except Sunday . From 10 am to 8pm. this makes convenient for out section patients to leave on the same day

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